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Lébényi templomlátogatás

Cím: 9155 Lébény, Templom tér 2.
Telefon: +36 30 255-1343
GPS: 47.737295, 17.388115

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Szent Jakab Látogatóközpont

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The more than eight hundred-year-old Romanesque church of Lébény is a vast treasure of Hungarian religious architecture. The church, which used to be an abbey church and monastery in medieval times, welcomes tourists and pilgrims all throughout the year. Its patron saint is the Apostle St. James the Greater. His tomb in Santiago de Compostella is visited by millions of pilgrims every year, many of whom making the pilgrimage by walking along the world-famous pilgrims’ path called ’El Camino’.

Please take the opportunity and visit our old, magnificent church!

Opening hours:

Tuesday-Saturday, 10:00 - 18:00

Entrance fees:

adult // student and pensioner:     600Ft // 400Ft

The booklets which are available in our church in English and German contain useful information about the church and its history. This short guide, illustrated with colourful pictures, provide you with English and German notes under the pictures, as well as short background information summaries.

H-9155 Lébény, Templom tér 2.

GPS: 47.737295, 17.388115

+36 30 255-1343

St. James Tourist and Event Centre, Lébény

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Szent Jakab Plébánia

H-9155 Lébény, Templom tér 2.
+36 96 360 094

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